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Adrian Washington
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Welcome to our Sandal Heel roundup, where we bring you the best options for comfort and style this season. Whether you’re looking for a casual walk in the park or a stroll down the beach, our selection of sandal heels has got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect pair of sandals for your next adventure.

The Top 5 Best Sandal Heel

  1. Luxurious Braided Heel Sandal with Thermoplastic Rubber Sole — Experience the epitome of luxury and style with the Steve Madden Kenley Woven Slide Sandal, featuring a tall, slender heel and trendy braided straps.
  2. Dusty Gold Metallic Leather Block Heel Sandals — Step into style with the Steve Madden Ella Metallic Leather Sandals, featuring an ankle strap for added support and a block heel design perfect for dress-up occasions.
  3. Chunky Buckle Heel Sandals — Playform Sandals for Women — Experience effortless style and comfort with the Dream Pairs Women’s Heeled Sandals, featuring a low chunky heel, adjustable buckle ankle strap, and a cushioned insole made from soft latex material.
  4. Mint Leather Strappy Heeled Sandals — Saks Fifth Avenue — Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with Saks Fifth Avenue’s Women’s Two-Strap Heeled Leather Sandals in Mint, featuring a padded insole and slip-on design.
  5. Steve Madden Adjustable Strap Heels — Beige & Round Toe Style — Step into effortless style with the versatile Irenee Sandal by Steve Madden, featuring a 4.1-star rating and 1484 reviews, this suede ankle strap block heel dress sandal boasts a low heel and adjustable fit for comfort and chic sophistication.

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Luxurious Braided Heel Sandal with Thermoplastic Rubber Sole


The Steve Madden Kenley sandals instantly elevate your daily look, drawing attention to your fine taste and flair. The sandals are a blend of luxury and style, featuring braided straps that beautifully balance an elevated stiletto heel, resulting in an effortless, chic look. These sandals feature an imported thermal rubber sole, providing comfort without compromising on style.

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing these sandals, and I can safely say they are both stylish and comfortable. The braided straps add a delightful crafty touch to the slip-on sandal, while the tall, slender heel exudes an air of elegance. The Thermoplastic Rubber sole proves to be a great addition, providing the perfect level of comfort.

However, there are a couple of minor drawbacks. The shoes are quite narrow, so people with wider foot sizes should consider sizing up. Additionally, despite being very stylish, they may not be suitable for all occasions, especially if you require a more practical, lower-heel option.

Overall, the Steve Madden Kenley sandals are a beautiful and comfortable addition to your wardrobe, providing a balance of luxury and style.

Dusty Gold Metallic Leather Block Heel Sandals


I recently tried on the Steve Madden Ella Metallic Leather Ankle Strap Block Heel Dress Sandals, and I must say, they definitely have a chic touch to them. The dusty gold color adds a touch of elegance to my outfits, be it for a party or a business meeting. The ankle strap with a buckle closure is not only stylish but also provides a comfortable fit and support.

The shoe itself is made of a combination of leather and synthetic material, making it both durable and lightweight. The block-heel design adds a bit of height, which I appreciate, especially when I want to look dazzling at an event. However, the open, round toe can feel a bit drafty at times, so maybe next time I’ll opt for a closed-toe shoe.

One thing is for sure; these Steve Madden Ella sandals have made quite an impression with their stylish design and comfortable fit. I’ll surely wear them on many more occasions.

Chunky Buckle Heel Sandals — Playform Sandals for Women


For a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for a stylish yet comfortable pair of heels, and these Dream Pairs women’s heeled sandals have exceeded my expectations. The 3-inch heel height and 0.15-inch platform height make for a comfortable, yet still noticeable stride. The ankle buckle closure is a great feature that gives you the perfect fit, while the TPR rubber sole and latex padded insole ensure a cozy and supportive feel all day long.

One aspect I particularly loved was the open-toe design, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also allows for a breathable experience. The smooth vegan leather/suede makes these sandals look and feel premium, and the adjustable buckle ankle strap ensures you can easily adjust the fit to your liking.

However, there’s always room for improvement, and I found the toe strap to be a bit too tight for my liking. It would be nice to see a wider range of sizes available to accommodate various foot shapes. Despite this small drawback, these Dream Pairs heeled sandals are definitely worth a try for anyone seeking a stylish yet comfortable pair of heels.

Mint Leather Strappy Heeled Sandals — Saks Fifth Avenue


I fell in love with these Saks Fifth Avenue sandals as soon as I saw them. The mint color was refreshing, and the leather straps were so comfortable that I felt like I was walking on a cloud.

The high heel gave me that extra boost of confidence. The open-toe design was perfect for a summer day, and the padded insole made sure my feet stayed comfortable throughout the day.

One downside was the slip-on style, which made it a bit tricky to get my foot in and out at first. Overall, I highly recommend these sandals for a stylish and comfortable summer look.

Steve Madden Adjustable Strap Heels — Beige & Round Toe Style


I recently tried on the Steve Madden Irenee Sandals and I must say, they are a perfect blend of retro and contemporary. The adjustable ankle strap is a plus, making them comfortable and chic at the same time. The suede upper gives them a luxurious touch, and the covered block heel adds just the right amount of height for a stylish look.

However, I did notice a few cons as well. The thin strap can sometimes feel a bit restrictive, and the shoe’s overall fit was a tad snug for me. Other users have mentioned encountering similar sizing issues. But overall, the Irenee Sandals are a great choice for those looking for a dressy sandal with a touch of retro flair.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of sandals, the heel can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish, or statement-making option, there’s a sandal heel out there for you. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the world of sandal heels and provide you with essential tips and considerations to ensure your next purchase is a winner.


Styles of Sandal Heels

Sandal heels come in a variety of styles, each offering its own unique look and feel. Some popular options include the following:

  1. Platform sandals, which elevate the heel and provide extra support and comfort. 2. High-heeled sandals, for those seeking a more dramatic and sophisticated look. 3. Wedged sandals, which combine the elegance of a heel with the comfort of a platform. 4. Block sandals, with a thick heel for added support and a classic, laid-back vibe.

Materials and Comfort

When it comes to sandal heels, comfort is key. Look for materials that are breathable, cushioned, and broken-in to ensure a comfortable fit. Leather is a popular choice for its durability and breathability, while cork and memory foam can provide additional cushioning. Remember, wearing sandals with a heel might require a slight adjustment period, so be sure to break them in before hitting the town.


Fit and Support

A proper fit is crucial when it comes to sandal heels. Make sure to have your feet measured to ensure the right size, and consider the width of your foot as well. A well-fitting sandal should provide support around the ankle and heel, helping to prevent slippage and discomfort. Don’t be afraid to try on multiple pairs or visit a store for a personalized fitting experience.

Maintenance and Care

To keep your sandal heels looking their best, invest in a good-quality shoe cleaner and protectant. Regular cleaning and conditioning can help prevent damage, extend the life of your sandals, and maintain their color and shape. When storing your sandals, consider using a shoe tree or stuffing them with tissue to help maintain their shape and prevent creasing.



What are the benefits of wearing sandals with a heel?

Wearing sandals with a heel can provide extra support and stability for your feet and legs. The added height also enhances the overall appearance of your outfit, making it a popular choice for both casual and formal occasions. It can also help with posture and improve your overall gait, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Moreover, sandal heels can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them a versatile and practical choice for footwear. They can be paired with dresses, shorts, and jeans, making them a wardrobe staple for many people. Additionally, the open design of sandals with a heel allows for better air circulation, keeping your feet cool and comfortable during warmer weather.


What materials are commonly used in sandal heels?

Sandal heels can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, synthetic fabrics, and even wood. Leather is a popular choice due to its durability and natural breathability, while synthetic materials offer a range of colors and styles. Synthetic fabrics are also often used for their lightweight and easy-to-maintain features, making them a popular choice for summer sandals.

Other materials like wood or cork are often used for the sole or footbed of sandal heels, providing extra cushioning and support for the foot. These materials are also eco-friendly and durable, making them a popular choice for those seeking sustainable footwear options. Overall, the choice of material for a sandal heel can greatly impact its comfort, durability, and style.

How do I choose the right size and fit for a sandal heel?

When selecting a sandal heel, it is essential to pay attention to both the length and width of the shoe. The heel should be comfortable to walk in and not too high or too flat, causing pain or discomfort. Additionally, the shoe should fit snugly around your foot without being too tight or too loose, allowing for natural movement and breathability.

It is recommended to try on the sandal in person or order a size that matches your usual shoe size. If ordering online, be sure to consult the sizing chart provided by the retailer, which may include measurements such as the width of your foot and your foot’s arch type. You may also want to consider trying the sandal on with the same type of socks you would wear with the shoe, as this can affect the fit and comfort.


What are some popular brands of sandal heels?

There are numerous popular brands of sandal heels, catering to a wide range of styles, materials, and price points. Some well-known brands include Steve Madden, Nine West, Michael Kors, Skechers, and Birkenstock. These brands offer a variety of sandal heels in different colors, materials, and designs, making it easy to find a style that suits your personal taste and preferences.

Other popular brands include Vans, Converse, and Toms, which offer more casual and laid-back sandal heels. These brands often use synthetic materials and feature comfortable footbeds for all-day wear. Ultimately, the best brand for you will depend on your personal preferences and the features you are looking for in a sandal heel.

How can I maintain and care for my sandal heels?

To maintain and care for your sandal heels, it is essential to clean and condition them regularly. Dust and debris can accumulate on the shoe and can cause damage if left unaddressed. Use a soft-bristled brush or damp cloth to gently clean the shoe and remove any dirt or debris. Be sure to dry the shoe completely before storing it to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

It is also essential to condition your sandal heels regularly, especially if they are made of leather. Use a leather conditioner or protective spray to keep the material supple and prevent it from cracking or drying out. This will help extend the life of your sandal heels and ensure that they continue to look and feel great, even after numerous wears.

What price range can I expect for a good quality sandal heel?

The price range for a good quality sandal heel can vary significantly depending on the brand, style, and materials used. Generally, you can expect to spend anywhere from $30 to $150 for a well-made sandal heel. Entry-level sandals from popular brands may cost around $30 to $50, while more premium options can range from $80 to $150 or even more.

Ultimately, the price you can expect to pay for a sandal heel will depend on the features and design you are looking for, as well as your budget. It is essential to consider the quality, durability, and comfort of the sandal when making your purchase, as these factors will significantly impact your overall experience with the product.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.